The gambling law of Japan has restricted all casino games in its territory for decades until now, that it is planning to allow them once again. The Japanese government has permitted three Integrated Casino Resorts to host casino games for tourists as well as locals. The three IR casinos are supposed to open by 2023, which makes us discuss the legal position of gambling in Japan. The casino bill was passed in 2018 and raised many questions among the opposition. How safe will these casinos be for the locals, and how much difference will it make in the tourism economy of Japan? The government took almost two decades to plan the new casino bill. In a poll, the government found out that 53% of the citizens were in favor of the IR casinos, while the rest were not happy with the decision.

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These three IRs will offer to game to the tourists while profiting the hotels, restaurants, and shopping complexes around the locations. The government is positive about profiting from this move while also maintain a healthy gambling environment in Japan.

The New Casino Bill

According to the framed casino bill for the operation of the casino resorts in Japan, these three IRs will be allowed to host casino games inside their premises. They will be the only legal casinos that will get the license to host the games while playing a 30% gaming tax to the central and local governments.

The gaming area for these IRs can only be 3% of the entire resort. The games need to be under this assigned area and in one single premise or distributed in different places around the resort.

The law also dictates that the local players will only be allowed to play the games when they pay a tax of 6000 yen at the entrance of the casinos. Apart from this, the locals will have their visitor cards and will be allowed only three days a week and ten days in a month to play games. The purpose of this regulation is to attract more tourism gaming than increasing the local gaming scene. There are no special charges or limitations for tourists.

While this bill is passed while keeping the agreement of the majority of citizens, the opposition raises concern for the already existing gambling problem in Japan. They want to know how effectively the law will control the compulsion of gamblers in Japan. But, the government assures that this strategy will work out as the IRs have been an idea that Singapore successfully implemented for their economic growth.

Integrated Resorts

More about Integrated Resorts

The integrated resort establishment received several proposals from international as well as national operators for casinos and hotels. Osaka is the leading choice for the first IR and will also host the 2025 World Expo. Osaka has proposed the Island of Yumeshima for the first IR. There other two candidates for the IR are Tokyo and Yokohama.