08:30-09:00Welcome by the Organizers
Session 1: Keynote (Chair: Jan Bosch)
09:00-10:00Keynote: Jonn Lantz (Volvo Cars) - tba
10:30-11:00 - Coffee break
Session 2: Tooling and Applications (Chair: Marco Konersmann)
11:00-11:20Andreas Steffens, Horst Lichter, Jan Simon Döring:
Designing a Next-Generation Continuous Software Delivery System: Concepts and Architecture
11:20-11:40Marcus Kessel, Colin Atkinson:
Integrating Reuse into the Rapid, Continuous Software Engineering Cycle through Test-Driven Search
11:40-12:00Ingo Börsting, Volker Gruhn:
Towards Rapid Digital Prototyping for Augmented Reality Applications
12:30-14:00 - Lunch
Session 3: Humans and their Role in Continuous SE (Chair: Stephan Krusche)
14:00-14:20Akond Rahman, Asif Partho, Patrick Morrison, Laurie Williams:
What Questions Do Programmers Ask About Configuration as Code?
14:20-14:40Anja Kleebaum, Jan Ole Johanssen, Barbara Paech, Rana Alkadhi, Bernd Bruegge:
Decision Knowledge Triggers in Continuous Software Engineering
14:40-15:00Thomas F. Düllmann, Christina Paule, André van Hoorn:
Exploiting DevOps Practices for Dependable and Secure Continuous Delivery Pipelines
15:30-16:00 - Coffee break
Session 4: Continuous * (Chair: Michael Goedicke)
16:00-16:20Fabiola Moyon, Kristian Beckers, Sebastian Klepper, Philipp Lachberger, Bernd Bruegge:
Towards Continuous Security Compliance in Agile Software Development at Scale
16:20-16:40Rasmus Ros, Per Runeson:
Continuous Experimentation and A/B Testing: A Mapping Study
16:40-17:00Lianping Chen:
Continuous Delivery at Scale: Challenges and Opportunities
17:20-17:30Wrap Up and Future Directions