14th of May


09:00-09:15, Introductions

Session 1: Continuous Software Evolution and Requirements

09:15-09:25, Karen Smiley, Pankesh Patel and Jeff Harding. From Ideas to Implementations: Closing the Gaps between Technical Experts and Software Solutions (slides)

09:25-09:40, Yang Wang and Stefan Wagner. Towards Applying a Safety Analysis and Verification Method based on STPA to Agile Software Development (slides)

09:40-09:55, Dora Dzvonyar, Stephan Krusche, Rana Alkadhi and Bernd Brügge. Context-Aware User Feedback in Continuous Software Evolution (slides)

09:55-10:10, Sebastian Klepper, Stephan Krusche and Bernd Brügge. Semi-automatic Generation of Audience-Specific Release Notes (slides)

10:10-10:30, General Discussion

Session 2: Continuous Software Evolution and Testing

11:00-11:10, Rainer Niedermayr, Elmar Juergens and Stefan Wagner. Will My Tests Tell Me If I Break This Code? (slides)

11:10-11:25, Vikrant Kaulgud, Sanjay Podder, Amitabh Saxena, Chethana Dinakar and Vibhu Saujanya Sharma. Shifting Testing Beyond the Deployment Boundary (slides)

11:25-11:40, Sebastian Vöst and Stefan Wagner. Trace-Based Test Selection to Support Continuous Integration in the Automotive Industry (slides)

11:40-11:55, Xiaolin Wang and Hongwei Zeng. History-Based Dynamic Test Case Prioritization for Requirement Properties in Regression Testing

11:55-12:30, General Discussion/Breakout Planning

Session 3: Research Challenges Breakout Sessions

14:00-15:30, Research Challenges Breakout Sessions

Session 4: Research Challenges Breakout Sharing

16:00-16:30, Research Challenges Breakout Sessions

16:30-17:30, Research Challenges Breakout Sharing

15th of May

Session 1: Continuous Delivery Automation/Modeling

09:00-09:55, Keynote: Serge Haziyev (SoftServe)

09:55-10:05, Paul Clarke, Peter Elger and Rory O'Connor. Technology-Enabled Continuous Software Development

10:05-10:20, Steve Versteeg, Miao Du, John Bird, Jean-Guy Schneider, John Grundy and Jun Han. Enhanced Playback of Automated Service Emulation Models Using Entropy Analysis (slides)

10:20-10:30, General Discussion

Session 2: Release Engineering Culture, Skills, etc.

11:00-11:15, Cameron Hine, Steve Versteeg, Jean-Guy Schneider and Jun Han. Modelling and Emulation of Large-Scale Enterprise Software Environments (slides)

11:15-11:30, Helena Holmström Olsson and Jan Bosch. From Requirements To Continuous Re-prioritization Of Hypotheses (sides)

11:30-11:45, Akond Rahman and Laurie Williams. Software Security in DevOps: Synthesizing Practitioners' Perceptions and Practices (slides)

11:45-12:00, Noureddine Kerzazi and Bram Adams. Who Needs Release and DevOps Engineers, and Why?

12:00-12:10, Lianping Chen. Continuous Delivery: Overcoming Adoption Obstacles

12:10-12:30, General Discussion/Breakout Planning

Session 3: Research Roadmap

14:00-15:30, Research Roadmap Breakout Sessions

Session 4:

16:00-17:30, General Discussion/Wrap-up/Next steps